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K-9 Edy is a Belgian Malinois from Kosice Slovakia. Edy earned his SVV1 title in 2017 before being sent to the United States to become a police service dog. Both Barada and Edy are certified in explosives detection since early 2018. When off-duty, Edy gets plenty of exercise by chasing his toy ball and much love by getting his belly rubbed.

K-9 Bentley is a Belgian Malinois from Slovakia and responds to commands in Czech. He is also one of the youngest K-9’s to go through training as a certified apprehension dog. Puente and Bentley have an incredible bond and spend many hours together playing and training everyday. Bentley enjoys playing ball and is very social with everyone, but knows when it’s time to go to work. Puente and Bentley are K-9 academy trained for narcotics detection. His high play drive makes him perfect for his role as a San Gabriel Police K-9.